How to purchase a puppy from Goldrush Labradorspups

The currently available litter will sell between $1800-$2500 (please, call for pricing).  Shipping will be at cost plus $80 for vet certificate, exam, microchip, and of course the cost of the airline crate --You can send a crate to us or pick out the size and model on or, check the price and we can get the same one here on our end for you.  Just let us know what you prefer.

Our litters are AKC registered, and we usually sell our pups with a limited registration. This allows you to compete in obedience, agility, tracking, hunt and other AKC tests where your dog can obtain AKC titles, however you would not be able to show in conformation or breed your dog and register the litter.

If you are an established, reputable breeder who can provide a loving home for one our pups, then we can certainly arrange full registration. There have been a few people have wanted to start breeding Labrador Retrievers and have shown a genuine interest in breeding responsibly and in competing with their dog in several of the AKC venues including conformation. In that event, when the dog has received its health clearances and we feel that the owner will breed responsibly, we have reversed the limited registration to a full registration. We have found however, that most people want the ultimate pet/family member and have their pup spayed/neutered which helps facilitate this goal.

If you take a fancy to one of our pups, give us a call and let us know which litter and sex you are interested in. We will put you on a priority list and at the age of 7 weeks picks will be taken. We require a $250 non-refundable deposit down to keep your place in line. If the color and/or sex of a particular litter is not available, then you will receive your deposit back. If you do not pick up your pup, or if we have not received your payment for shipment and the airline reservation information (including airline approved shipping crate) by the time the pup is 8-1/2 weeks of age, then your deposit will not be refunded and the pup will be sold to the next person in line.

Call or email us to arrange purchase of a pup and transportation, and other questions you have. We like to get to know our puppy buyers, and keep in touch with them throughout the life of your new family member.

Susan Conard
Layton, Utah